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Bruce and Vanessa land at Morlaix airport

We were delighted to welcome Bruce and Vanessa over the weekend of 9 & 10 April.  Bruce is Jenny’s cousin and lives near Abingdon, just south of Oxford.  The journey time was less than 2 hours and they chose a perfect weekend weather wise.  They had a great flight passing over Southampton, Guernsey, Jersey, Treguier, Lannion and Morlaix.

The rear elevation of Coat Amour from the air

Jenny and I were treated to a wonderful flight around Morlaix on Sunday morning in slightly misty conditions.  Coat Amour looks fantastic from the air, well sited in the middle of the park, and even the vegetable garden looked tidy!

The viaduct that crosses over the centre of Morlaix looked even more impressive from the air, dominating the town as it does.  We could see various chateaux nestling in the woods either side of the estuary and the Cafe du Port at Le Dorduff, where we eventually had a super lunch on the terrace.  We often go here as it is reasonably priced, the food is always good and the staff very friendly.

The fruit and vegetable garden at Coat Amour

Bruce and Vanessa share their aeroplane amongst a group of four like minded associates and are becoming bolder in their choice of destination.  Apparently a tour of Ireland is on the cards.

The grand railway viaduct above Morlaix

The “flying weekend” was a wonderful diversion from the norm and Stafford has mentioned that he would not mind having a go!  How he will find the time to do the garden, help Jenny, help run the business, go sailing and learn to fly is yet to be discovered.  We need to retire first!


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