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Ahead of the holiday season I thought that I would set out some great ideas for readers to consider ahead of their holiday here at Coat Amour.  They are in no particular order and just a few of  the possibilities.  Perhaps in another blog I shall give you some other ideas!

Le Viaduc ~ Morlaix

I hope that you are stimulated by these and that they give you something extra to look forward to.

Fer et Flot pres du Le Dorduff

Fer et Flot ~ ~  This is a great experience for the whole family.  The format changes a little dependent upon the tides and time of year.  Essentially the programme contains a guided tour around the mediaeval town of Morlaix, a train ride to Roscoff, maybe a boat ride to the Isle de Batz, and finally a return boat trip to Morlaix.  The journey home threads through the islands in the middle of the Baie de Morlaix and passes the Chateau de Taureau.  You need to allow the whole day and take warm/waterproof clothing for the boat trip home. These trips can be booked by telephone or at the Tourist Board Information centre.

Lighthouse ~ Pointe de Penlan ~ Baie de Morlaix

La Maison a Pondalez ~ This XV century half-timbered house situated in the Grande Rue contains a feature unique to Morlaix.  The rooms at the front and back of the house are situated either side of a vast central atrium and connected by bridges at each floor level.  There is an impressive granite chimney place, a spiral staircase with wooden passageways all built around the central core. Over the 4 levels of the house there are displays of works of art and some that illustrate  daily household life in Morlaix, together with the architecture and history of the town.

Cairn de Barnenez~   Explore one of the largest Megalithic mausoleum’s in Europe, lying at the top of a steeply sloping peninsula just north of Morlaix near Plouezoch.  There is a good visitor centre and well worth the effort of going.  Cairn de Barnenez,  29252 Plouezoc’h  T 33 / (0)2 98 67 24 73  F 33 / (0)2 98 79 51 58       Latitude : 48.6676   Longitude : -3.8584

Chateau de Rosanbo ~

A marvelous chateau, not far from Coat Amour, that has been gradually developed and enlarged over six centuries or so.  The tour around the house is well done, informative and the grounds superb.

Les Enclos Paroissiaux ~

These impressive local churches are a must see, not all of them at the same I hasten to add, but choose any number (say 3-5 of them) and you cannot help but be amazed by the devotion to God and the wealth and skills invested in them.

Chateau Coastaeres a Ploumanach

Sentier des Douaniers at Ploumanach  ~ This is one of my favorite walks.  The little harbour at Ploumanach, the pink rocks and cedar trees, the seemingly impossible entry to the harbour from the sea, and the delightful houses are a joy.  I especially like to leave the car in the car park overlooking the harbour and walk around the coast towards Perros Guirec. The scenery is superb, the little lighthouse very picturesque, with a very small cove near the lifeboat station ~ just imagine launching the lifeboat in rough weather!  There is also a great little restaurant on the beach overlooking the Chateau de Costaerers in the centre of the village of Ploumanach.

Huelgoat ~ Le Chaos Take a wonderful walk through the woods at Huelgoat, and begin by passing beneath, over and under the huge granite rocks that form the Chaos.  This is the unofficial site for Huelgoat, but is also in English, simpler and easier to navigate.

Local fishing boat

Pink Granite coast near Ploumanach


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  1. Bonjour Stafford et Jenny,
    savez-vous qu’un escalier de Maison à Pondalez est exposé dans un musée de Londres et un autre dans un musée de St Louis dans le Missouri (USA) ?

    À bientôt.


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