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Technology is so irritating to the uninitiated like me.  You think that you understand a technical problem, set everything up and bingo it works ~ wow, marvellous.  Then the next day, or more probably some days or weeks later you try the same thing ~ simple you say, but no, you cannot access the app, or the software because you’ve forgotten the password!!  Sometimes the automatic systems you initiated at the beginning, when you thought that you understood what was what, doesn’t work any more.  This is where I find myself now.  Question – will this blog find its way automatically onto my Facebook page?  It ought to, it used to to, but did not with several of my latest blogs ~ aargh.  So instead of a continuing rant, and several hours of removing and reinitiating the link, I am trying again with this blog.  Just to make it worthwhile I am including a sentence and a photo of the super Fete de Quartier (neighbours party) that we hosted at Coat Amour yesterday.  The weather was great, warm and sunny, the neighbours were all on form, and we had a good time.  Luck shone down on us as it rained on Saturday night, the weather was brilliant on Sunday and one hour after we packed up it rained again!

Fete du Quartier


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