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What a tour de force!  As someone looking at the event from the outside what a success.  Morlaix town centre was closed off to vehicles for a period of time and the exhibits representing the local agriculture and fishing communities were at their best.  It was equally true in Roscoff, St Pol de Leon, Carantec, Le Dorduff, Ternenez and Le Diben.  I managed to get two days leave and took my boat ‘Silent Flight’ to her allocated mooring in the channel between Roscoff and the Isle de Batz.


Our friends John and Hilary came over from the UK.  John and I spent two great days on the boat diving in and out of the thick sea mist on the first day and then on Saturday, as the mist lifted we joined  all of the other fantastic boats sailing close to the Chateau du Taureau, before the grand parade up the river into Morlaix town.

The events on land were marvellous, with super exhibitions of farm animals, old and new farm tractors and equipment.  Roll on next time.

See more photos


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