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Helicopter lands ~ Manoir de Coat Amour

Robinson R44 Raven II lands at Coat Amour

Robinson R44 Raven II lands at Coat Amour

Guests arrive at Coat Amour using all modes of transport.  The great majority come by car, usually fairly modern ones, although we have had quite few vintage cars here and some veteran ones too.

Some arrive by train, some by bicycle, others by motorbike, some walk and some fly to Brest or Dinard (Pleurtuit) or Rennes, and then hire a car.  We have some guests that have flown their light aircraft into Morlaix (Ploujean) airport.

About to land

About to land

Today was a the first time somebody arrived in their own helicopter.   The Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter flew in this morning and landed in our field adjacent to the swimming pool.  It all seemed so simple, and what a way to travel!  It is a very stylish machine finished in a royal metallic blue, with a range of about 250 miles when flying at 120 mph.

The owners often go off for the weekend and sometimes fly in company on safari type jaunts ~ what fun.

Super royal blue metallic paint

Super royal blue metallic paint

Manoir de Coat Amour as seen by You-Tube

In September 2012 we entertained two guests from England, Chris and Nangi and, as you do, spent some time talking about our respective professions.  We all got on famously and we discovered that Chris is a film producer based in Totnes Devon. They were  very enthusiastic about our lifestyle, house and its grounds.

After they had returned home , Chris e-mailed us and suggested that he produce a film for us along the lines of one that he had produced for an hotel in the UK.  It took Jenny and I a hesitant six months to decide, courageously, to go ahead!

Chris and his family returned for a weeks holiday at the end of May with a large camera!  Over a fascinating and most enjoyable week, he collected over two hours of film and terrified Jenny and me  into giving interviews in both English and French. When you see  the film , you will recognise that interviews are not our strong point!

Chris then distilled the two hours into two You-tube films of just under five minutes in length.  One is in English and the other in French. We are very pleased with the results, although a little self conscious and critical of ourselves.

imagesHere are the links :~ English Version  and the French Version

or go onto our web-site and click the you-tube button ~ web-site

We hope that you will enjoy the films for what they are – a bit of fun.

If you want a You-tube film made for you, I recommend Chris Watson of Totnes. Contact him by e-mail at Chris Watson Films and/or 07770 790 762

Pendant le  séjour  de deux hôtes ( Chris et Nangi) au mois de septembre 2012, nous avons appris  que Chris était un producteur de films a Totnes dans le Devon. – (Grande Bretagne) Ils aimaient bien notre Manoir et parc.

Après ils sont rentrés chez eux, Chris nous a envoyé un courriel et a proposé qu’il produise un film pour nous comme celui qu’il avait produit pour un hôtel au Royaume-Uni. Il a fallu pour Jenny et moi une période de six mois pour nous décider, hésitants, courageusement, pour aller de l’avant!

Chris et sa famille sont revenus pour une semaine de vacances à la fin du mois de mai avec un grand appareil photo! Au cours d’une semaine passionnante et la plus agréable, il a filmé plus de deux heures et nous a impressionné  en donnant des interviews en anglais et en français.

Voici le film en français ~ French Version

Creating a New Web-site ~ Part Two

L’Ecurie ~ front garden and parking

Jean Oriot

Time absolutely flies past when one is busy. It seems like yesterday since I wrote Part One of this blog and yet three weeks have passed by.  In the meantime Jenny and I have spent a few days in Belle Isle en Mer, managed to finish off the decorations to L’Ecurie gite and have given one of our letting bedrooms, that we call Jean Oriot, a thorough make over.  We have some details to finish and maybe a carpet to change, but it looks good, don’t you think?

L’Ecurie ~ Living room

The work schedule was really started by the need to replace the roof covering on the gite.  The nails had rusted badly allowing some of the slates to slide off the roof and the frost had seriously damaged the ridge tiles.  The re-roofing works were done in late February and the roofing company, Gilbert Moal of Cleder, did a marvelous job, on time.  The roof looked smart, but the external paintwork did not look very good at all.

L’Ecurie ~ back garden

This has now been finished, using a different colour scheme of charcoal grey and rust red.  This scheme has beed carried through into the main living room, where we have used a pale and mid-grey colour scheme to compliment both the exterior and the kitchen.  Whilst we were about it we redecorated all the other rooms too!  Jenny and I are thrilled with the results.  For more information on renting this cottage and our chambers d’hôtes ~ click here.

L’Ecurie ~ kitchen/living room

L’Ecurie ~ kitchen

La Maison du Jardinier

It seems like yesterday that we arrived in Morlaix, and yet so much water has passed under the bridge that it is  difficult to remember what and when things happened.

La Maison du Jardinier ~ before works

We have taken lots, maybe thousands, of photos of most of our adventures here.  If like us, you are pretty chaotic about labeling and categorising the good photos and dumping the bad ones then you will realise that eventually you just have to do something.

We have just started to scratch the surface of this task and have put all of our photos associated with La Maison du Jardinier in one electronic album.  It was looking at the photos that reminded me  what a rush it had been to create this gite.

The oak frame has been errected

Think of the TV programmes “So you think you want to live in France”, or the “Grand Designs” one.  These are the programmes where things go wrong, dates and costs go awry and guests arrive to stay as you finish the last coat of paint on the front door.  I thought at one time that the programmes were a wind up.  Now I am not so sure, it happened to us when we converted La Maison du Jardinier into a gite.

La Maison du Jardinier ~ now

It all started with the builder not starting on the date agreed.  Two months later, at the beginning of April 2006, he had still not started, so we cancelled our arrangements with him and decided to go it alone.  We had already taken bookings for the end of July and most of August!.  The local suppliers and sub-contractors, family and friends did us proud and in the event we were only a week late.  It would be a considerable understatement to  say that the last week and particularly the last night was a bit frantic.  It is history now, of course, and many happy famillies have enjoyed their holidays in the cottage.  Ah memories, and all stimulated by lots of photos!

Living room colours

Why don’t you click here and see the building develop  from start to finish.

Thinking about the style and colour schemes for the little cottage was enormous fun.  The  building is fairly old and possibly dates from when the house was first built in 1805. We think it was a gate house to the estate as the road ran up from Morlaix through what is now our back path, before the route de Paris was built and the new entrance made to the estate. We were told that the previous owner and his wife allowed an elderly man to live there and in exchange he did sone gardening. Thus the name, La Maison du Jardiner was an obvious choice for the little house and it gave Jenny a good basis for some interesting interior design.

WW II murals

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