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Jam, Jam, and more Jam ~ Confiture, Confiture, et encore plus de la Confiture!!

Many of our guests comment on the home made jams we serve at breakfast. This, they tell me,  is one of the joys of a B&B or guest house.  I try to have a varried supply of jams and conserves but supplies have been dwindling.  But all is not lost as…

Just one picking of Figs!!

the preserving season has started… yes, the fruit garden is cropping like mad !

More great Pears

Blackberries ~ mures

Just when we are at our busiest with guests, everything  is  cropping at once and far earlier this year than before.  Any free time at present – and there is not a lot of that here –  is spent picking and preserving.The fruit garden is very old – and well establised  and we are very lucky to have such a resource.

It is so satisfying to be able to serve our guests with fresh fruit from the garden for their breakfast.  Each day we pick several bowls of ripe figs from our 3 fig trees. We have just finished  picking all the  plums, so the jam supplies are starting to be replenished.  Also cropping at present are mulberries from our single mulberry tree.

I planted two cultivated blackberries 3 years ago and they are covered in fruit.  The strawberry bed is still producing  and the autumn raspberries have started.

I am amazed at the size and quality of the pears this year. We ate the first one today !

I have been tending the rhubarb more carefully  – feeding it with garden compost and watering it – so I hope rhubarb jam will be on the cards soon.  I stew  rhubarb and orange together to serve for breakfast.  Yum !

The cutting garden  where I grow flowers to use in the house, is producing lovely blooms– gladioli, roses, dahlias, crocosmia, all look delightful with the many colours of hydrangeas.


Nos hôtes adorent les confitures maison. Ils me disent que c’est un des plaisirs  chez les chambres d’hôtes. Alors, c’est la saison de sortir la bassine  de confiture ! Le verger à Coat Amour commence à donner son fruit.

C’est très agréable de présenter les fruits du jardin pour le  petit déjeuner.

Notre jardin fruitier est ancien et grand. En ce moment, nous cueillons pleins de figues, murs, prunes, fraises et framboises et le murier a produit une grande  quantité de fruit. Je viens de préparer la confiture de figue et de prune. Les poires sont énormes et en belles formes.  J’ai bien soignée la rhubarbe cette année et je vais préparer de la confiture.  Je prépare une compote de rhubarbe et orange pour le petit déjeuner.

Les fleurs – les roses, les glaïeuls, les hortensias, les dahlias  sont suberbs et me donnent des fleurs  pour les bouquets pour  les chambres.

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