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Helicopter lands ~ Manoir de Coat Amour

Robinson R44 Raven II lands at Coat Amour

Robinson R44 Raven II lands at Coat Amour

Guests arrive at Coat Amour using all modes of transport.  The great majority come by car, usually fairly modern ones, although we have had quite few vintage cars here and some veteran ones too.

Some arrive by train, some by bicycle, others by motorbike, some walk and some fly to Brest or Dinard (Pleurtuit) or Rennes, and then hire a car.  We have some guests that have flown their light aircraft into Morlaix (Ploujean) airport.

About to land

About to land

Today was a the first time somebody arrived in their own helicopter.   The Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter flew in this morning and landed in our field adjacent to the swimming pool.  It all seemed so simple, and what a way to travel!  It is a very stylish machine finished in a royal metallic blue, with a range of about 250 miles when flying at 120 mph.

The owners often go off for the weekend and sometimes fly in company on safari type jaunts ~ what fun.

Super royal blue metallic paint

Super royal blue metallic paint


Manoir de Coat Amour as seen by You-Tube

In September 2012 we entertained two guests from England, Chris and Nangi and, as you do, spent some time talking about our respective professions.  We all got on famously and we discovered that Chris is a film producer based in Totnes Devon. They were  very enthusiastic about our lifestyle, house and its grounds.

After they had returned home , Chris e-mailed us and suggested that he produce a film for us along the lines of one that he had produced for an hotel in the UK.  It took Jenny and I a hesitant six months to decide, courageously, to go ahead!

Chris and his family returned for a weeks holiday at the end of May with a large camera!  Over a fascinating and most enjoyable week, he collected over two hours of film and terrified Jenny and me  into giving interviews in both English and French. When you see  the film , you will recognise that interviews are not our strong point!

Chris then distilled the two hours into two You-tube films of just under five minutes in length.  One is in English and the other in French. We are very pleased with the results, although a little self conscious and critical of ourselves.

imagesHere are the links :~ English Version  and the French Version

or go onto our web-site and click the you-tube button ~ web-site

We hope that you will enjoy the films for what they are – a bit of fun.

If you want a You-tube film made for you, I recommend Chris Watson of Totnes. Contact him by e-mail at Chris Watson Films and/or 07770 790 762

Pendant le  séjour  de deux hôtes ( Chris et Nangi) au mois de septembre 2012, nous avons appris  que Chris était un producteur de films a Totnes dans le Devon. – (Grande Bretagne) Ils aimaient bien notre Manoir et parc.

Après ils sont rentrés chez eux, Chris nous a envoyé un courriel et a proposé qu’il produise un film pour nous comme celui qu’il avait produit pour un hôtel au Royaume-Uni. Il a fallu pour Jenny et moi une période de six mois pour nous décider, hésitants, courageusement, pour aller de l’avant!

Chris et sa famille sont revenus pour une semaine de vacances à la fin du mois de mai avec un grand appareil photo! Au cours d’une semaine passionnante et la plus agréable, il a filmé plus de deux heures et nous a impressionné  en donnant des interviews en anglais et en français.

Voici le film en français ~ French Version

English Pirates raid Morlaix, Brittany!

Attacking through the woods

Pirates ship moored at Coat Amour

A group of nine English pirates successfully returned to their base in Bristol after a profitable raid on Coat Amour, Morlaix, Brittany, today.

On Friday last the pirates fought their way past the Chateau du Taureau and into Coat Amour in Morlaix, mooring their ship behind the chateau.

The fighting continues

They thoroughly searched the grounds for buried treasure, using clues left by two local conspirators.

They soon found the map telling them where the treasure was buried.

Gold pieces of eight were found in some quantities, with other trinkets and precious stones, in a brass bound treasure chest.


Hmmm ~ Yep its Gold!

Pirate ship moored behind the Chateau

Flushed with their success they settled down to a hearty meal on board their ship before turning in for the night!  Aarrh!!

Hearty pirate grub!

Co-incidentally the notorious pirate captain, Henry of Bristol, was celebrating his fourth birthday on the same day.

Walking the plank

Manoir de Kerledan ~ Carhaix Plouguer

Have you ever been to the lovely central Brittany town of Carhaix Plouguer?  Well you should go, as we did today to see our friends Peter and Penny Dinwiddie.  Every summer there is a now famous music festival (rather like Glastonbury) and people flock from all over the world to be entertained.  Hence the rather beautiful roundabout statues near to the site of the festival.

At other times of the year this is a great little town in the middle of Brittany, not too far from the charming Brest to Nantes canal and many other superb places to walk or fish.  Like us Penny and Peter run a chambers d’hotes business in their old manoir house called Kerledan, on the southern extremity of Carhaix.  They have a number of sumptuous bedrooms and Penny’s food is to die for.  It is not the place for weight watchers mind you!  Thank you for lunch Penny ~ no more to eat for me today!  They have recently finished the construction of a new tower with staircase to give better access to their bedrooms and their garden planting continues and many a new hedge has appeared since we were last there.  You  should go and stay with them.    See more on their web site by clicking here.


What a Surprise ~ Figs

Jenny and I have picked many kilos of figs this summer and our cupboards are full of jams and chutney already.  We thought that the fig tree were exhausted and had finished for this year.  Imagine my surprise at finding a tree with loads of ripe figs, ready to pick, and on 9 November.  I picked 6 kilos of figs and filled a trug.  Our guests had fresh figs for breakfast this morning and Jenny has made some more jam this afternoon.  Things in the garden are definitely a little wonky this year, as we also have several rhododendrons in flower now and some of the magnolias have some pretty advanced buds on them.  They are all in for a massive shock soon.

Early Booking Offer


A big hello to all of our Blog readers.

Brittany Ferries will be introducing an early booking offer on or soon after 19 September that will last through until 31 October 2011.  The early booking offer will provide a 25% saving on car and passenger fares with Brittany Ferries instead of the usual 20%, available to our customers.  So take advantage of this offer and come and see us here in beautiful Brittany.  Take an night ferry, even better have a commodore class cabin with breakfast in bed, arrive in St Malo or Roscoff followed by a gentle drive to Coat Amour.  Spring is a wonderful time to visit us, the garden will be full of primroses and daffodils, the magnolias will be if flower, together with a host of other flowering shrubs and trees.  Come, relax and let us help you to throw off the winter blues.  As a little incentive we are offering a stay four days at Coat Amour for the price of three between the 12 March and 13 April 2012.

Primroses at Coat Amour

Jam, Jam, and more Jam ~ Confiture, Confiture, et encore plus de la Confiture!!

Many of our guests comment on the home made jams we serve at breakfast. This, they tell me,  is one of the joys of a B&B or guest house.  I try to have a varried supply of jams and conserves but supplies have been dwindling.  But all is not lost as…

Just one picking of Figs!!

the preserving season has started… yes, the fruit garden is cropping like mad !

More great Pears

Blackberries ~ mures

Just when we are at our busiest with guests, everything  is  cropping at once and far earlier this year than before.  Any free time at present – and there is not a lot of that here –  is spent picking and preserving.The fruit garden is very old – and well establised  and we are very lucky to have such a resource.

It is so satisfying to be able to serve our guests with fresh fruit from the garden for their breakfast.  Each day we pick several bowls of ripe figs from our 3 fig trees. We have just finished  picking all the  plums, so the jam supplies are starting to be replenished.  Also cropping at present are mulberries from our single mulberry tree.

I planted two cultivated blackberries 3 years ago and they are covered in fruit.  The strawberry bed is still producing  and the autumn raspberries have started.

I am amazed at the size and quality of the pears this year. We ate the first one today !

I have been tending the rhubarb more carefully  – feeding it with garden compost and watering it – so I hope rhubarb jam will be on the cards soon.  I stew  rhubarb and orange together to serve for breakfast.  Yum !

The cutting garden  where I grow flowers to use in the house, is producing lovely blooms– gladioli, roses, dahlias, crocosmia, all look delightful with the many colours of hydrangeas.


Nos hôtes adorent les confitures maison. Ils me disent que c’est un des plaisirs  chez les chambres d’hôtes. Alors, c’est la saison de sortir la bassine  de confiture ! Le verger à Coat Amour commence à donner son fruit.

C’est très agréable de présenter les fruits du jardin pour le  petit déjeuner.

Notre jardin fruitier est ancien et grand. En ce moment, nous cueillons pleins de figues, murs, prunes, fraises et framboises et le murier a produit une grande  quantité de fruit. Je viens de préparer la confiture de figue et de prune. Les poires sont énormes et en belles formes.  J’ai bien soignée la rhubarbe cette année et je vais préparer de la confiture.  Je prépare une compote de rhubarbe et orange pour le petit déjeuner.

Les fleurs – les roses, les glaïeuls, les hortensias, les dahlias  sont suberbs et me donnent des fleurs  pour les bouquets pour  les chambres.

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